If you’ve been pointed to this website, it’s because you’re a legend in Casting for Hope’s eyes. For years now, we’ve been asked to host a tournament / fishing day for folks who might enjoy a little friendly competition but who would definitely enjoy a day of camaraderie and fishing with folks who care an awful lot about the work we do at Casting for Hope.

For the last two years, we have co-hosted the USA Youth National Championship. That event has gone back to the western part of the country this year in order to help the kids who live further away travel a little less. To help buoy the funding we have been receiving from that event, we’re inviting YOU to an exclusive, fun day of fishing, feasting, and fellowship at the Casting for Hope Retreat Center.

The Retreat Center will be freshly stocked JUST for this event, and you all will have first go at the fish post stocking!

As you scroll through the details, we hope you will take note of the embedded images because your participation will make more days like this for women and families such as these possible.

Here are the details!

Event Format and Schedule

This event will be a two-person team event and will be competitor controlled. That means, you will fish with your partner for two sessions and you’ll monitor another fishing partnership during two sessions. Team registration is going to be limited to just ten invited teams. This event will use Casting for Hope Retreat Center fishing rules–so strike indicators, splitshot, any flies you want to use. It’s all fair game as long as the hooks are barbless!

During each fishing session, each team’s angler will be allowed to score 4 fish. To score or not to score a fish will be made at the time of releasing the fish. A 9th fish will be allowed to be scored once (if) both anglers have scored their four fish. So strategy will be important! Scoring will be based purely on fish length in centimeters, with final score based on total centimeters tallied per team.

Team Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals will be awarded. The three top scoring individuals will take home their choice of a bottle of Bourbon, a bottle of Whisky, or a bottle of wine, with the top finisher getting first choice.

When: Sunday, October 22, 2023

Where: Casting for Hope Retreat Center


8:30-9:00: Opening and Registration

9:00-9:15: Walk to Beats and Scout

9:15-10:45: Fishing Session 1

10:45-11:00: Walk to Beats and Scout

11:00-12:30: Fishing Session 2

12:30-2:00: Lunch–Summer Salad of arugula, watermelon, raspberries, tomatoes, cukes, feta, olive oil, honey, balsamic; seared herbs d’Provence salmon; roasted fresh vegetables and sweet potatoes. Finger Lakes wine pairings and tasting.

2:00-2:15: Walk and Scout Beats

2:15-3:45: Fishing Session 3

3:45-4:00: Walk and Scout Beats

4:00-5:30: Fishing Session 4

5:30-7:30: Dinner–Greek salad, grilled Filet of Beef, roasted roots. Signature Mezcal Cocktails + Bourbon and Whisky tasting.

Fundraising Goals

With your help, we’d like to raise $20,000 from this event to support the women and families here in North Carolina who are battling a gynecological cancer who are in our service program.

To fulfill this goal, the entry fee to this exclusive fishing event and seriously great food, wine, and spirits is $500 per person. We’d like to further encourage each participate to solicit $500 in sponsorships from their companies, businesses with whom they are familiar, or personal connections. The sponsors for this event will be recognized on our fall Casting for Hope events shirts, the website, and social media spotlights.

Ready to secure your spot? Email us at [email protected] and [email protected] and we’ll get you all signed up!

Can’t make it but want to support from afar? Consider sponsoring a team and we’ll help identify some worthy competitors from our past events to fish in your place!