Great news–Casting for Hope is once again bringing the opportunity to have a great evening for a great cause in Morganton, North Carolina.  Get ready for Sunday, October 16, 2022 at Hidden Hills on Burkemont Mountain for one of our favorite events and book your tickets here

Hope in the Hills!

Introducing Our Musical Guests

Lambeth Hill

We will open the event during the afternoon with a new guest of Hope in the Hills who will be joining us from Black Mountain: Lambeth Hill! Obsessing over harmony & endlessly exploring the cathartic power of songwriting, North Carolinian Jason “Lambeth Hill” released his debut album on July 1st! His music draws us in, the lyrics hook our emotions, & we walk away humming one of his delightful melodies.

Sorella Jack

Sorella Jack is a local “acoustic everything” trio that has been busting boundaries for nearly eight years. They have a loyal fanbase called the “Jack Pack”. Their harmonies are killer, and their set list of covers and original songs is diverse enough to please any audience. We’re super excited for you all to enjoy the Sorella Jack harmonies while enjoying their late afternoon “sunset hour” with sweet tunes, fantastic drinks, and one of the best views in western North Carolina.

The Riverstones

We are so excited to welcome Sandra and The Riverstones to Hope in the Hills this year! The Riverstones are a 4-piece band in Morganton that has played locally for over 15 years. While they play their original songs, they also enjoy rocking top 40 hits they often put their own spin on.  The band members all have different backgrounds in music, which is what gives their sound its special flavor. From classical piano training and church choirs to punk rock drumming, The Riverstones blend the best of music’s greatest influences.

Two things we can assure you if you attend:

  1. You will be supporting a charity that is doing great things for women in western NC who are faced with the challenge of their lives in the battle against a gynecological cancer.
  2. You will have an evening to remember–great music, food, drink and time with a lot of friends.  You can’t help but have a fun night.


  • What:  Hope in the Hills
  • When:  October 16, 2022, from 3:30 until 8:30pm
  • Where: Hidden Hill Venue

So What Will You Experience That Night?

Some of our favorite entertainers will join us for a wonderful night of entertainment! Musically, the event will include Jason “Lambeth” Hill, Sorella Jack, and The Riverstones. You’ll hear directly from women and families who have benefited from Casting for Hope’s work in our communities. And you’ll enjoy some great food, drinks, and company.

Vaccination Requirements and Other Mitigation Layers

As an organization that works with vulnerable populations (some of whom will be in attendance), our team is again layering this event with COVID-19 mitigation strategies. The most important of those mitigation strategies will be the requirement of universal proof of a full course of an authorized COVID-19 vaccine (two dose prime and at least one booster). On site rapid testing is another layer of mitigation we will employ if the community metrics dictate. A reminder for all of our guests: this is a fundraiser for women in NC faced with a gynecological cancer, and some of them will be present to have a fun evening out with all of you. Thank you for helping us make sure it’s as safe of an environment as possible for them and everyone else!

Food and Drink: Countryside Catering will be providing the delicious dinner.  Complimentary beer and wine offerings will be served all evening provided by a range of Santa Barbara wineries, Craft’d and Catawba Brewing Co.

Fun:  An evening full of beautiful viewscapes from the edge of Burkemont Mountain at Hidden Hill Venue at the peak of leaf season, great entertainment, wonderful food and drink, and helping others by your support of Casting for Hope can’t help but be a fun night with friends!

Ticket Levels:  We will sell 200 tickets so act fast!  All tickets will be $75 and be inclusive of all entertainment, food, and drinks for the evening.  

If you are interested, please head on over to our new event management platform and order your tickets!   If you have any questions, reach out to [email protected] or [email protected]. Note that tickets will be sold on a first-come-first-served basis.

Thanks to all of our supporters for considering coming to this annual fundraiser.  If you can make it, we feel confident you will have a great evening of family fun!