The Casting for Hope team had been rather quietly dreaming about The Casting for Hope Retreat Center for some time—but we knew it was a reality that was many years down the road.  However, in early August of 2015, the CfH team received a call from the property owners who own the land and creek on which CfH was born.  They were interested in entering into a lease agreement with us—and a month later, our dreams came true.  The Casting for Hope Retreat Center is now a reality at least ten years earlier than any of us thought we’d have it.


The Retreat Center is now the home base of operations for Casting for Hope’s survivors’ and caregivers’ retreats and fly-fishing competitions large and small. CfH will additionally uses accumulated experiences to assist other business teams and other non-profits to potentiate their growth through leadership team building and retreat programs.

Additionally, the retreat center will give a number of donors each year access to fish for “the fish of a lifetime.”  If you’re interested in being one of the 36 donors each year who has fishing and lodging access to the Casting for Hope Retreat Center, we’d love to hear from you.  You can get the full information from John by e-mailing him at or calling him at 828.443.4850.  You really do want to have fishing and lodging access to this property!1474384_10201753647877211_1482909388_n

The Retreat Center management team includes co-founders John and Taylor whose life membership with Trout Unlimited demonstrates their focus on conservation and environmental health, along with board member Squeak Smith, whose work with TU over the years earned him a Mortensen Award for Lifetime Achievement and recognition as one of the ten most important TU members in the country.  Executive Director Kathy Haney will provide the base, running the business side of the Retreat Center.  We don’t think you’ll find a better-managed piece of fishing heaven!  You want to get your donation in to get access before those slots fill up.

See the attachments below to find out more about donor access to the retreat center.  While memberships are full at this time, we are actively adding individuals to the waiting list.

Casting for Hope Retreat Center Donation Levels

Casting for Hope Retreat Center Rules




As access and usage allows, the Casting for Hope Team will manage guide trips for non-members to the Retreat Center as a revenue stream.  These will be offered on a very limited basis and mostly during off-peak season times and mostly during the week as we have guides available, at a rate of $450 a day for one or two people for full day trips.  Each additional person increases the price by a factor of $100 per person beyond two.

The Casting for Hope Team will work with members for guided trips to the Retreat Center at a rate of $250 for one or two people for full day trips.  Each additional person increases the price by a factor of $50 per person beyond two.

For both members and nonmembers, guide trips will include

  • Transportation as needed to and from the retreat center,
  • All gear necessary, including rods, reels, waders, boots, and all terminal gear,
  • Snacks throughout the day, including bottled water and soft drinks as requested,
  • Streamside lunch,
  • Pictures and videos of your day sent to you following your trip.


We’d like to say THANK YOU to our Patrons!


Resource Institute
Resource Institute


The Resource Institute, Inc specializes in “provid[ing] an avenue of support to address natural and human resource opportunities to enhance the quality of life.”  The Casting for Hope Retreat Center team is excited to name The Resource Institute, Inc as a Casting for Hope Retreat Center Brook Trout Patron.  As a national leader in stream restoration, the Resource Institute, Inc manages a number of stream restoration conferences and directs many stream and land conservation and restoration projects across the country.  Check them and their work out on the web here and follow them on Facebook here.