Casting for Hope is excited to announce for 2021 a return of a fun angler-controlled fly fishing tournament at the Casting for Hope Retreat Center. Angler-controlled tournaments feature anglers doing the measuring of fish by swapping in and out of fishing sessions. Casting for Hope will have one two-day angler-controlled tournament and angler controlled tournament in 2021.

The Fall Showdown at the Retreat Center will feature two fun days of trophy trout fly fishing at the Casting for Hope Retreat Center. Anglers will fish four 1.5-hour sessions and monitor four 1.5 hour sessions across the tournament. This event will take place at the Casting for Hope Retreat Center October 16-17, 2021. You can register for this event here. Be sure to visit Casting for Hope’s feature tournament series page to keep up with the annual leader board and track individual tournament results.