The 14th Annual Casting for Hope will be held in April of 2025.  Stay tuned for more info late in 2024/early 2025.  



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The 13th Annual Casting for Hope, a “gold-level” competition that has recruited many of the best anglers from all over the country, is set for April 12-14, 2024.  The tournament is hosted at the Casting for Hope Retreat Center, which features two miles of private trophy water on Little and Big Rock Creek in Mitchell County, North Carolina.  This private water has been featured on The Outdoor Channel, and it has served as a great venue for this important event over the years.

Entries will be limited to the 40 entrants to enter the tournament first–solos are welcome to enter the field of competition as well as full or partial teams.  The $200 entry fee per angler should be made to Casting for Hope by PayPal contribution to [email protected] or a quick e-mail upon entry to [email protected] requesting an invoice to pay check or debit card.  All teams after the first eight/40 entrants to enter will be added in first-come-first-serve format to the waiting list.  To be extremely clear:  the event is open to the first 40 anglers to enter.  If there are solo entries that come in before the final full team enters, solos will be added to full teams and full teams will have to make choices about which members of their submission they will keep and the solos will be added to that team.

As in years past, the Casting for Hope tournament will make use of not only the private trophy waters of Little Rock Creek and Big Rock Creek but also the delayed harvest streams nearby, Cane River and the North Toe River, with a two-week no fishing window.  Fishermen will have approximately 12 hours of fishing time–2:15 hours on each stretch of water.  Scoring will be Fips Mouche.  Practice water includes the Hatchery Supported stretches of the North Toe in Spruce Pine, Hatchery Supported and Delayed Harvest stretches of Cane Creek in Bakersville, the Delayed Harvest stretches of the Catawba River in Marion, and the South Toe River near Burnsville, NC.

All entrants will be given an official competitor tournament shirt, t-shirt, dinner Friday, breakfast and lunch and dinner on Saturday, and breakfast and lunch on Sunday, and other swag items that we pick up along the way.

Registration for the event is via the tournament site linked here. To be extremely clear, registration will be by first come first serve for both teams and individuals.  Individuals may register.  Teams may submit incomplete registrations (say four anglers, for example).  But the first 40 names will be the field of competition.  To be extremely clear:  if, for example, through individual registration and incomplete team registration, a team of five enters the field but there are only three slots left, we will enter the three anglers listed first on the team entry form and fill the roster with individual entries or place anglers on as-of-yet-unfilled team spots.   

Registration fees are expressly non-refundable and non-transferable.

After you’ve signed up for the event through the forms listed below, submit your entry fee via the PayPal link on our home page or the contribution page or use your own PayPal account and send to [email protected] or send John an email ([email protected]) requesting an invoice that can then be completed by check, debit or credit card, or bank transfer.

Email us at [email protected] for any additional information you need!

Please use the individual registration form to sign up to fish as an individual and be placed on a short team.

Please use the team registration form to sign up as a team, even if your team is incomplete.  If you are registering an incomplete team and find anglers to fill your spots, they can sign up as an individual and request placement on your team at that time.  We do not guarantee that placement, however, once the field of competition is full.

You can register here beginning at 5:00pm on Sunday, January 28th.


Schedule of Events:

Thursday, April 11, 2024:  7:00pm Zoom Rules Meeting (please have one team member present at least)

Friday, April 12 2024:

1:00-3:15:  Session 1a

3:15-3:30:  Water Rest/scouting; report scores for session 1a

3:30-5:45:  Session 1b

6:00 onward–Dinner will be available at the Casting for Hope Retreat Center or delivered to your site if you are not at LRC/BRC.

Saturday, April 13, 2024

7:45-10:00:  Session 2a

10:00-10:15:  Water Rest/scouting; report scores for session 2a

10:15-12:30:  Session 2b

12:30-2:00:  Lunch and Travel to Session 3 Venue; report scores for session 2b

2:00-4:15:  Session 3a

4:15-4:30:  Water Rest/scouting; report scores for session 3a

4:30-6:45:  Session 3b

7:00–Dinner will be available starting at 7:00/delivered to your site if you are not at LRC/BRC; report scores session 3b.

Sunday, April 14, 2024

7:45-10:00:  Session 4a

10:00-10:15:  Water Rest/scouting; report scores for session 4a

10:15-12:30:  Session 4b

12:30-2:00:  Lunch and Travel to Session 3 Venue; report scores for session 4b

2:00-4:15:  Session 5a

4:15-4:30:  Water Rest/scouting; report scores for session 5a

4:30-6:45:  Session 5b

7:00–Dinner will be available starting at 7:00/delivered to your site if you are not at LRC/BRC.; report scores session 5b.

9:00–Zoom Session Awards Ceremony


As always, a complete competitor packet with full directions and beat maps will be e-mailed to the fleet of competitors well in advance of the competition.

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