The Casting for Hope team is so excited to make available to you these wonderful pieces.  The items on this page are associated with this fundraiser directly from this page.  We certainly want to include those of you who want to participate, but may not be able to attend the event; or, may need a Valentine’s, birthday or anniversary gift.  Navigate over to the sister site to this page to see the items that will be auctioned on Friday, February 26 during From Water to Wine at Burntshirt Vineyards.

From Water to Wine Catch-Me-Now Items
These items are available for you to “catch” directly from this site.  Simply click on the “Catch Me Now” link beside the item you’d like to purchase, make a donation to Casting for Hope via the PayPal site you’ll be redirected to in the amount described for the item; and then, send Kathy Haney an e-mail letting her know that you’ve paid for the item at [email protected].  Be sure to include the item number in your email.

Check this From Water to Wine auction site periodically as we are awaiting additional information about some of our featured items and the arrival of other pledged pieces.

Catch-Me-Now Items


The Casting for Hope team is super excited to announce a new and completely awesome item to the From Water into Wine auction line up. David Hise of Casters Fly Shop in Hickory, North Carolina has donated a full-day wade trip for two to the private waters he guides on in southwest Virginia. The value of this trip is $525. Dave is an Orvis-endorsed guide, multi-time national finalist for Orvis Guide of the Year and world-renowned fly-tying guru. Dave’s fly fishing trips are punctuated with gourmet meals cooked streamside!   Want the fly fishing experience of a lifetime? This item is for you!

Item # CMN13

Value: $525
Catch-Me-Now at: $500




FullSizeRender 13This fly-fishing-themed, hand-stitched, and professionally-framed picture donated by Michelle Rogers measures 20.5″ X 20.5″.  The piece centers around a fly angler in search of trout in a peacefully flowing stream, blanketed by the shade of trees.  The Angler is framed with artistic renderings of classic trout flies and their names.  This piece is a perfect accent to any fly-tying room, rod building workshop, or centerpiece to a room or office favored by a fly-fishing enthusiast!

Item # CMN1
Value: $175.00
Catch-Me-Now at: $125




Item # Fair Market Value: $

This fly-fishing-themed, hand-stitched, and professionally-framed picture crafted and donated by Michelle Rogers features an artistic rendering of each of the three species of trout found in North Carolina.  This piece is a perfect accent to any fly-tying room, rod building workshop, or centerpiece to a room or office favored by a fly-fishing enthusiast!

Item # CMN2
Value: $200.00
Catch-Me-Now at: $150Slide1

Item # Value:


This “Fishing Pole Cobweb Broom” was made from a recycled fishing rod and is useful for “fishing” down cobwebs!  It was donated by Marlow Gates from The Friendswood Broom in Leicester, North Carolina.

Item # CMN3
Value:  $50
Catch-Me-Now at: $25






Donated by Linda Brittain of Chapel Hill, NC, this hand-knitted wool hat and alpaca wool scarf will certainly keep you warm and fashionable during the lingering winter mornings and evenings!

Item # CMN4
Value: $40
Catch-Me-Now at: $20  CAUGHT!






Donated by Margaret Seitz, these matching his and her aprons are perfect for hosting a good, old-fashioned fish fry or just staying in for a home-cooked meal when it’s too cold to be on the water.

Item # CMN5
Value: $50
Catch-Me-Now at: $25  CAUGHT





Designs by Barbara

Barbara’s signature pieces are the “Tree of Life” medallions, which along with other pieces can be found in our silent auction line up. In her collective pieces of jewelry, Barbara uses semi-precious stones and/or glass beads including seed beads. Pieces pictured are either original designs by Barbara or by one of her associates.

Barbara donated a generous number of retired jewelry items after hearing about Casting for Hope through her sister, Debra, who has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer.  Barbara supports Casting for Hope to honor her sister.

jwl set 3


Handcrafted 20″ necklace and bracelet with dark blue decorated beads separated by smaller cobalt blue beads, bullhorn silver catch.  2 1/2″ dangle earrings.

Necklace, earrings, bracelet set
Fused glass bead work

Item # CMN6
Value: $100
Catch-Me-Now at: $50



jwl set 2


Handcrafted Necklace and Earring set
Approximately 20″ oval-shaped purple piece and clear-beaded necklace
with sterling catch.  Matching earrings.


Item # CMN7
Value: $75
Catch-Me-Now at: $40



Great for a just-in-time Valentine’s gift!

Handcrafted 20″ flat red glass and clear beaded
Necklace, earrings, bracelet set.

Item # CMN8
Value: $75
Catch-Me-Now at: $40




jwl necklace 8


Handcrafted 24″ lavender and gold-shaded beaded necklace
with antique gold heart-shaped catch.

Item # CMN9
Value: $50
Catch-Me-Now at: $25





Handcrafted variegated pink and turquoise-colored 18″ beaded necklace
with heart-shaped catch and charm.

Item # CMN10
Value: $50
Catch-Me-Now at: $25





Handcrafted 20″ necklace shaped to butterflies by copper-colored charms
and separated by green and gold beads.  Copper catch.

Item # CMN11
Value: $50
Catch-Me-Now at: $25





Handcrafted bracelet with aqua and chartreuse colored beads,
two ornate beads and a latch catch.

Item # CMN12
Value: $20
Catch-Me-Now at: $10




Pillows_72014_FWtW 2-2016_TF

Decorative Geometric-designed Throw Pillows

Color choices: red, blue, green, yellow, terra cotta
Item Number:  CMN14
Value: $20 each
Catch-Me-Now at: $20 a pair

Treasure Aprons:  These homemade “aprons” from a 1950s clothes pin bag design
Great gift for a baby shower, bridal shower, birthday, or a household.
Prominent and hidden pockets make this piece a delight to gift and to receive.
Choice of licensed or seasonal materials or custom-made option.
Made and donated with love by Teelena Huffman.
Item Number:  CMN15
Value:  $20
Catch-Me-Now at:  $10 Each



CMN16_Black-White Purse_IMG_1240This handmade black and white patterned purse with white straps;
Outside and inside pouches; Inside zipped pocket; Lining red and white was donated by Barbara Melton
Value: $50
Item Number:  CMN16
Value:  $50
Catch-Me-Now at: $25
This handmade wallet was donated by Barbara Melton:  gray, pink, salmon, yellow floral patterned wallet; Accordion-fold opening, zipped center pocket and card holder slots
Item Number:  CMN17
Value: $45
Catch-Me-Now at: $30Slide1
CMN18_Red-White Purse_IMG_1239
This handmade red and white small purse was donated by Barbara Melton.  Red and white patterned small purse with black and silver stripe; Wrist strap and zipped opening
Item Number CMN18
Value: $25-$30
Catch-Me-Now at: $15