Live, Laugh, Love

The following beautiful testimony was sent to us for us to share with our Casting for Hope friends.  We hope it’s as meaningful to you as it is to us!

Our mother was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer in September of 2005. She passed away in April of 2008. As a tribute to her memory, my two sisters and I decided to get a tattoo. Mom loved the words “Live, Love, Laugh”–in that order and we knew that was what tattoo we wanted. She was an artist and she would draw these words in different layouts. My youngest sister had her doodle book and we all thought wouldn’t it be cool if we could get a tattoo with these words written in her handwriting? We decided that we would each take one of those words and have a teal ribbon in the background. Who would get what word? It was unanimously decided that we would take the word that matched our birth order, in the order that Mom loved the words placed. We soon realized that the order in which mom loved these words matched the persons we are. I, being the oldest, got Live I am the adventurous one in the family. I ride a motorcycle, I enjoy nature and walks/runs, and I am learning to fly fish – I live life to the fullest. My younger sister got Love – she is the nurturing one in the family. If you need a shoulder to cry on or someone to vent to or laugh with – she is the one you go to. My youngest sister got Laugh – and you know what they say about the youngest child in the family. They are the jokesters, they have the wit, and they make you laugh. And this fits her to a T. The best part was that we were able to find someone who could replicate mom’s handwriting and so there you go…. three tattoos with three words in our mothers’ handwriting with a ribbon that reminds us “It Whispers… so Listen”.



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